How can I help You?

 When is there going to be time for mum?

Now that the children are back at school are you faced with getting started on maintenance jobs that you have been putting off?

Did you get a break over the summer holidays?

I will be happy to get things started and maybe finished!

Give yourself a few hours off – call or email me.

At a time that suits you, I will stop by so you can talk me through and show me what needs to be done.

Then the next few hours will be your time, while I get things started.

For many tasks, it is the planning and preparation that takes up valuable time, so if you a keen to be involved at some stage, let’s call it a Project.

I will come up with a plan, get the preparation work done, then leave it with you to add the final/finishing touches.

Together – we can make it happen.

to send me an email click on here

or call my mobile on: 027 480 0438

Please leave a comment below, any suggestions, recommendations, links to your site or offers to help in some way, would be appreciated.

2 thoughts on “How can I help You?”

  1. What a great idea and well done to you for such a wonderful offer George. So many folk just don’t have the time or ability to do some of these type of tasks so a helping hand would make such a difference to their lives.
    So rare these days, sadly, to have someone think of others first. I hope many folk take up your offer of assistance.

  2. Hello George, you did say this is different. You were right, this is uniquely different, but pleasantly so.
    This is a unusual offer, a one of a kind. Those in need of help around where you live are in for a pleasant surprise. It may take 1 or 2 people to act on your offer at first, but once the word gets around that this in no gimmick, but the real thing, people will go for it.

    What would be good is if it was possible to build a team around you to cover your area and eventually as it spreads, you will change your community with compassion. Thank you for sharing compassion. The world needs it now.

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