Are you a Waipu mum needing help?

Are you a Waipu mum needing help? – Take Action – lets get things started!


Taking action is the key to getting things done.

It just needs a bit of enthusiasm.

A bit of hard work,

and persistence.

I can supply all of those and with just a little help from you, we can get things started.

First, we need to make a plan……..what is it that needs to be done?

Second, set the goals……………………..we need them to be smart goals!

Third, with your support I can:….. make it happen! 1-2-3


What are smart goals?

S – Specific

M – Measurable

A – Achievable

R – Relevant

T – Timely

Specific: This is where we can sort out what needs to be done – who, what, where, when.

Measurable: Let’s sort out a time frame of when things need to be done, start, stop, finished.

Achievable: Step back and look at the overview of what this task needs, does it have a start and finish? is it related to, or reliant on other things? will it need to be done more than once?

Relevant: If there are many tasks that need attention, how does this one fit in with others, do other tasks depend on this one? is this one dependent on others in order to be completed?

Timely: Getting started is the most important thing, followed by progress…before – after… some tasks do not have a finish, they may be on-going; others will have a completion deadline.


Take Action now……contact me

Let’s focus on the NOW, enjoy each day and live in the MOMENT and most of all….make it Happen.

my time can be your time – no cost, no charge, unconditional.

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