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Why I am here

Hi everyone, George here, living in Waipu, Northland, New Zealand. My two daughters have flown the nest and settled into their own journey, now I find I have time on my hands, which take’s me to why I am here.

I am here to help you with anything that’s a problem.Head and shoulder photo of George

In 2005 many things changed for me, instead of focusing my life on myself and what was beneficial for me, I started helping other people.

It was then I began to experience an emotion that only now, nearly twelve years later, have I begun to better understand; compassion.

It is compassion that motivates me when I become aware of the problems of others, and to do whatever I can to help.

 What is the purpose of this Website?

The reason I have created this website is to provide a pathway that will reach out to my local community and that those in need of help, may find it. I believe there are many people who live closer to me, where I can be of greater benefit, than those who are far away.

It is very difficult for most of us to ask for help, even when some form of help is desperately needed. I encourage people to share a problem and from there, together, it may be possible to find ways to help and overcome some of them.

I have moved to the autumn season of my life having enjoyed the spring and a very long summer. My values have changed and realise I no longer need, so many, or so much, of things for myself, the answer, downsize everything, which I have now completed.

This has left me with something very scarce and very much needed by some;

TIME…my Time.

Where is it needed most…?  the experience and skills I have acquired over the last 50 years helping others, has taught me, where I can make the greatest difference.

Time is needed, in what must be, the most important section of our community, mothers with children, most of whom seem to work a 10-15 hour day, if not times 7 days then at least 6 days and sometimes with very little support.

So with compassion, I offer to make my time – your time to help you in any way, no cost, no charge, unconditional.

Please leave a comment below, any suggestions, recommendations, links to your site or offers to help in some way, would be appreciated.

2 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Hi George,
    My feeling is that compassion and altruism uplifts the soul, not just others who are helped but oneself. I heard somewhere that even if you don’t necessarily care about a “stranger”, acting as if you do creates the feeling of caring. So sometimes actions creates feelings. That sounds like what happened to you in 2005.
    It’s certainly wonderful what you’re doing–acting like an angel–yet kind of strange in that you ask for nothing at all in return from “strangers.”
    You’re definitely a maverick.
    I hope the people you help will be equally kind, as sometimes people can be jerks.

    1. You are so right Jean, compassion and altruism certainly do uplift the soul. For me, that is the payback for what I do for others. Thank you for your kind words and yes so far, the people I help are extremely grateful for whatever I am able to do.

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