A new day

To all you “SUPER-MUMS” of Waipu

Are you a mum trying to raise your children, work, run a home and look after the garden without any help or support?

Are you always running out of time to get everything done?

Not enough hours in the day, days in the week?

Are there things that are needing attention around the house that you are just not able to do or not comfortable to do on your own?

You may have been wondering how, or where, to find someone for free?

Well here is the good news……my time can be your time……no cost!

If you’re not sure where to start, here are some ideas.

I can tidy up, clean up, inside or out, house shed or garden.

If you say “help I need help” to fix something, get something or go somewhere, I can do that.

If you say I need some help getting started on something, I can get you started.

Frustrated that your computer won’t do what you want?…I can help with that.

I have all the tools needed for painting.

I have all the tools needed for gardening.

Contact me and let’s talk it through, there will be a solution and together we will find one that fits.

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or call my mobile on:  027 480 0438

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We all do it, some more than others, in many different ways.

Sometimes in a combination of ways, moving from one to another, then back again.

Sometimes we have to STOP and do it, at others times we need to STOP doing it and just make it happen.

One thing we can be sure about is:

“Your life will move in the direction of your strongest thoughts”

Here are some of the ways we do it:

Big picture thinking, the ability to think beyond yourself is required in order to process ideas from a ‘faith’ perspective.

Focused thinking, the ability to think with clarity on issues by removing distractions and mental clutter.

 Creative thinking, the ability to break out of the box and explore ideas and options in order to experience a breakthrough.

Realistic thinking, the ability to build a solid foundation on facts, to think with certainty

Strategic thinking, the ability to implement plans that give direction for today, and increase your potential for tomorrow.

Possibility thinking, the ability to unleash your enthusiasm and hope, to find solutions for even seemingly impossible situations.

Reflective thinking, the ability to revisit the past in order to think with understanding

Questioning popular thinking, the ability to reject common thinking and accomplish uncommon results.

Shared thinking, the ability to include others who can help you to think, ‘over your head’ and achieve greater results.

Unselfish thinking, the ability to consider others and their journey, to think of collaboration.

Bottom-line thinking, the ability to focus on results, in order to reap the full potential of your thinking.

Spiritual thinking, ‘We have the mind of Christ’, one God-given thought can change your life!

Research includes Dr. John Maxwell’s book – Thinking for a Change

If you have some thoughts about how I could help you, leave a comment, or email me here

Are you a Waipu mum needing help?

Are you a Waipu mum needing help? – Take Action – lets get things started!


Taking action is the key to getting things done.

It just needs a bit of enthusiasm.

A bit of hard work,

and persistence.

I can supply all of those and with just a little help from you, we can get things started.

First, we need to make a plan……..what is it that needs to be done?

Second, set the goals……………………..we need them to be smart goals!

Third, with your support I can:….. make it happen! 1-2-3


What are smart goals?

S – Specific

M – Measurable

A – Achievable

R – Relevant

T – Timely

Specific: This is where we can sort out what needs to be done – who, what, where, when.

Measurable: Let’s sort out a time frame of when things need to be done, start, stop, finished.

Achievable: Step back and look at the overview of what this task needs, does it have a start and finish? is it related to, or reliant on other things? will it need to be done more than once?

Relevant: If there are many tasks that need attention, how does this one fit in with others, do other tasks depend on this one? is this one dependent on others in order to be completed?

Timely: Getting started is the most important thing, followed by progress…before – after… some tasks do not have a finish, they may be on-going; others will have a completion deadline.


Take Action now……contact me

Let’s focus on the NOW, enjoy each day and live in the MOMENT and most of all….make it Happen.

my time can be your time – no cost, no charge, unconditional.

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Phone: 027 480 0438


Getting Started

many hands Sometimes it’s hard to get started on something


That’s when many hands, or at least another pair, can come in really useful.


There are things like – moving things.

There are things like – covering things.

There are things like – painting things.

There are things like – washing things.

There are things like – cleaning things.

It could be something you have been looking at, or thinking about, for quite some time and not really sure of how to do it. Sometimes a fresh pair of eyes will view the task very differently and we can come up with a plan.

street sign - one way or another way

So if you would like help in getting started on something give me a call or send me a message, make my time for you, your time.

George 027 480 0438





Back to School

Yes, that time is coming – only 0 more sleep’s…Yea… we are back!


So a busy time coming up and only two more weeks of the summer holiday left.

School starts on a Wednesday this year so may be good to keep Monday 30th and Tuesday 31st clear for getting everything together. Start thinking that the last weekend of January is the end of the summer holidays,  the children will so want to make the most of that.

Mums will be busy getting uniforms ready, shopping for for lunches , after school snacks, drinks…..the list goes on.

So it can get a bit busy with time running away.

If you have a little bit of time now contact me and we can put together a plan to tackle some of those jobs.

I may be able to free up an hour or two of your time by helping to get some of them out of the way.

Knowing that you have a plan can take away a lot of pressure.

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